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SEO In Houston TX


Drive Interactive Group specializes in providing SEO in Houston TX to business owners who are serious about dominating the online search market for their industry in their service areas.

SEO (search engine optimization) is the process of giving the search engines exactly what they want to see for them to put a website at the top of relevant online searches for a particular topic or service.

Search engines seek to provide searchers with the most relevant results when they search for a service using a particular search term (Plumber near me, for example); results that are based on how trustworthy, authoritative, and user-friendly a website is in a particular area as well as other factors..

When we talk about SEO there are two types to consider.

Organic SEO in Houston TX

Organic SEO refers to typical search results listed by page in number (the 3rd position down on page 1, for example) and as you might guess; the top results get the most traffic and therefore do the lion’s share of business with those using the internet to find what they need.

Beyond the obvious benefits of being highly placed organically regarding potential customer traffic, organic SEO when properly maintained helps with branding which helps people to recognize your company as a leader in you industry.

One thing that mentions noting is this: SEO is NOT an instant gratification thing- it takes time.

The amount of time it takes for a particular website to win the highly coveted page one 1st position depends on many factors such as how tough the competition is, how many people are in the running so to speak, and other factors.

Local SEO

Local SEO refers to map results for a particular area when people search for a service (Plumber in Baytown TX, for example) using Google.

These results are displayed in what we call the “map pack” which are the first three or four results from the highest position down before you need to click “see more places” to expand the list for more companies.

Just as with organic SEO, the businesses who enjoy the most traffic through maps (which accounts for the majority of online traffic as far as what people click on) are the one who rank highest locally.

Local SEO takes time as well, and takes into some of the same factors as organic SEO but takes into account your Google My Business account and how it is optimized in place of your website.

Why You Need An SEO Expert in Houston TX


When was the last time you used a phone book to find…well…anything?

Yeah. That is everyone else too.

With the internet literally in the hands of everyone using devices like smartphones and tablets it is no shock that he who is found first is the one who brings home the bacon.

If you want to dominate your online market, from your piece of Houston to worldwide, you need an SEO expert in Houston TX with the knowledge, experience, and flat out moxy to make it happen.

That expert would be Drive Interactive Group. Contact us now. (Mic Drop)