The Envy of Digital Marketing Experts

So here is the part where we are supposed to brag and promise and talk about ourselves so that you will be blown away and immediately call us right now!

But is that really how it works?

We aren’t sure about you, but the people here at Drive Interactive Group are kind of tired of being told to put our hands up in the air (thank the Lorde for that bit).

Here is the challenge we issue to all comers who are serious about stepping out of their comfort zones and ACTUALLY growing their business and reaching their goals- put us to the test.

We offer a variety of services and strategies designed and tested to ensure that you move to a dominant position among your competitors in your online market space, things like professional website development, SEO, lead generation services, social media management, local business marketing, and more.

All of the above are required to climb over your online competition, but you have to be ready to make it happen on your end. So are you ready to make it happen?


Off Like a Herd of Racing Snails!

Hopefully, by now you are like, “who do these yahoos think they are?”

Pump the brakes captain enthusiasm!

Who we are isn’t really super important right now (we will get to that in a bit).

What is important right now is that you know where you are right now in your business and where you want to be. And why you want to be there. The why is everything.

It all starts with a conversation about your business and here are some things to get together before we have that talk:


The Geographical Areas You Want to Market to.


Your Current Revenue Totals


Your Current Margins for Your Most Desired Job


Your Capacity to Scale Up (i.e., how you will handle more business)


Where You Want to Be Financially in a Year. Two? Five?

Again, we stress the importance of why.

Why are the goals you have now something you are reaching for?

Are they big enough? Are they a step towards something bigger? What is the endgame of your current business? When the time comes, will you sell it or hand it off to another generation?

Take a quick second to answer this question for yourself: If I met my current goals, how would that impact my life, my family’s lives, my employee’s lives, my community?

What it Takes to Get to the Top

Patience and Courage. Honestly, that’s it. If you have those two traits in balance with each other you will be successful.

It also helps to have a digital marketing agency (we can recommend one, cough) on your side that offers lead-generation services to help keep your team busy and your revenue growing.

At Drive Interactive Group in Houston TX, we take the detailed information you give us about your business and take a good long look at your competition, comparing your online footprint and visibility to yours.

Based on what you want to accomplish with our help we create a plan that is easy to understand and that ensures short-term and long-term results when it comes to increasing your revenue and, ultimately, your profits.

Is there risk involved? Yes. It’s called life.

Will it take a long time to see results? Possibly, depending on what you are wanting to accomplish.

We can manage ad campaigns for you that will help you to achieve faster results and bring in business while the more long-term strategies like local and organic SEO grow to maturity.

The right way to look at digital marketing is as an investment in reaching your goals.

SEO For Focused Growth

We are experts in local business marketing and SEO, both on a local, centralized scale as well as organic scale ranging from citywide to global.

SEO takes time when done correctly- anyone that tells you differently is hungry to take your money and run.

While we can’t speed up the process, Drive Interactive Group does take the time to send you detailed reports on our progress as we help you website to make the climb to the top of your online market.

From locally sourced internet citations to link building, from Google My Business listing optimization to optimized website structure and beyond; we are the Houston SEO company to increase the curb appeal of your internet based real estate for increased traffic and profits!

What we will do is set up software that instantly pushes a single post to multiple platforms with no extra effort on your part, make sure that you receive real-time notifications of when you need to respond to customer feedback (super critical to success), and keep your business in front of your target market with recent and relevant value add articles and more!

Social Media Management

Your customers need to see you active, that you are the expert and that you are focused on being the best at what you do while offering value in everything they see you produce.

To this end, we offer social media management across the most relevant platforms to keep your business in front of prospective customers.

We can publish blog posts and videos that lead back to your website to increase traffic as well as continue to brand your company to the internet neighborhood.

Have a fresh customer testimonial you want to share? Give it to us and we will publish it across Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more!

We will shout it from the rooftops!

Actually we won’t shout it from the rooftops, that is dangerous and annoying.

What we will do is set up software that instantly pushes a single post to multiple platforms with no extra effort on your part, make sure that you receive real-time notifications of when you need to respond to customer feedback (super critical to success), and keep your business in front of your target market with recent and relevant value add articles and more!


And speaking of getting in front of potential customers, Drive Interactive Group can handle all of your PPC (pay per click) accounts such as Google AdWords, Facebook Ads, and others.

You would be amazed to know how many hundreds of thousands of dollars are wasted by business owners due to ineffectively put together AdWords campaigns alone!

Then there is the complexity of Facebook ads, pixels, retargeting, and on and on! And believe us when we tell you that FB does NOT want you to be able to use their platform effectively without paying them to do it right for you!

And you can bet that Facebook isn’t interested in helping you to pay them less over time to obtain results and reduce your costs to do so!

We know how to set up and split test to create ads that not only reach your customers but do so while lowering your cost per click to maximize your PPC budgets.

Drive Interactive Group is a digital marketing company based in Houston TX with a great deal of experience in running profitable online ad campaigns for businesses just like yours.

Website Artistry

When it comes to your company, do the early 2000s want their website back or does it just need an update?

Recent changes by Google can make an older website irrelevant to searchers in Houston TX (or anywhere else), and we don’t want that now do we?

Whether you need a few updates or a completely new website; Drive Interactive Group has an outstanding website development team that can make your old website have that new website smell again.

From fresh and up to date content on page to regular blog posts and video uploads: we have got you covered.

Do you know what it takes to fully optimize a website from the base code up to provide the best results when it comes to being found on Google before your competitors? Don’t worry; we do!

Online Reputation Management

Finally, there is nothing like a random internet troll leaving a bad review on your business GMB or other places to ruin your day.

For most businesses it seems that for every one positive review people take the time to write you have five others who, instead of coming to you first to make the problem right, will just blast you on your review platforms!

Everyone is entitled the their wrong opinion, sure, but attacking someone’s livelihood instead of giving them the chance to make it right?

Situations like this is where we step in with professional online reputation management to put your best foot forward and bury the trolls by helping you generate more positive reviews when your customers are at their happiest- just after purchase.

Finding a Needle in a Needlestack

Finding an SEO company in Houston TX is not terribly difficult.

Finding one that knows what they are doing among all of the pretenders and scam artists out there is another matter entirely.

Drive Interactive Group is a family owned company dedicated to helping our clients realize and enjoy their own warm, tasty slice of the american dream.

Entrepreneurship, owning your own business and charting your own course for yourself, your family, and your community is what it is all about!

We have helped business owners throughout the US by providing lead generation, social media management, local and organic SEO, stunning and effective website design, and other services with a focus on connecting customers to business owners.

When it is all said and done our passion is helping you win.