Online Reputation Management

Online Reputation Management

They said what!?

Online reviews have become a huge factor when it comes to consumers choosing a particular service provider.

Two-thirds of searchers will read at least one online review of a product or service before making a buying decision; so you had better get everything perfect every single time!

Since the above is not possible you can expect to deal with sour grapes from both the most negative people in the world with an outlet to complain no matter what you do right, but also from customers where you legitimately dropped the ball.

So what is a business owner to do?

Drive Interactive Group is here to offer not only a solution to this very common issue but our help in making the online review process work in your favor- to help turn potential customers into satisfied ones that are happy to give your business the 5 star treatment.



If you enjoy reading negative, hateful, and possibly deserved bad reviews about your business and are good with your potential customers reading them too, then you don’t need our help.

If you don’t enjoy that so much…

If you are rooting for your competitors who are already making their online reviews, both good and unspeakably horrifying, work for them while your online reputation rests comfortably and quietly in the toilet; you don’t need our help.

If that isn’t the situation you want…

Contact us now.

Paying Attention and Prompting Success

Drive Interactive Group understands a couple of simple things we would like to share with you about online reputation that will change everything for your business:


Paying attention to online reviews AND responding to both good and bad ones in a timely manner pays huge dividends when it comes to helping people reading your reviews decide to choose your company over the competition.


People are the happiest with a product or service immediately after they make a purchase, which means if you can auto-prompt them with an opportunity to give you a glowing review while they are still in this state of happy afterglow you win.


Drive Interactive Group uses advanced software to notify you of when a review comes in, either good or bad, and gives you a chance to respond to it quickly- the faster the response, the better the end result will be.

Responding to a positive review with a thank you reinforces your appreciation of the customer and makes them more likely to share their experience with their circle of people, and shows potential customers in a tangible way that yours is a company that values their customers.

Responding to a negative review quickly and making it clear that you WILL make the situation right (if possible), contacting them to do that (when possible), and then making sure to post on the same review what the outcome was.

Better yet, ask the now satisfied customer to post the outcome and that they are now SUPER happy with you; this will make a huge impact on everyone who sees the review.

Our software also has the capability to push a good review to multiple arenas including social media to get the word out to your audience that yours is the company to call, increasing your overall trust level in the people who are even a little bit acquainted with you.

Give us a call and ask about our online reputation management service today!